There’s not a lot more to know about WP Watchers. We do what we can to ensure your WordPress website is always running the latest and most secure software, to minimise risk of security vulnerabilities.

Because WordPress powers almost a third of all websites, it has become an easy target for hackers. If you’re running an outdated version, or even have an old plugin in use, then you’re at risk. We want you to stop worrying about your website and work on your business instead, so we’ll keep an eye on things for you, and let you know if we find any issues.

As well as the updates, there are a bunch of things we can do to help secure your site. This includes adding a security monitoring plugin and making sure you have valid backups if things do go wrong.

And it’s not just security we look at. We’ll also check to see if we can optimise your site to ensure it’s running as fast and smoothly as possible for your users.